Review: R Graphs Cookbook by Hrishi Mittal - Robin's Blog

"Summary: Very useful for reference while producing graphs, and very comprehensive (including heat-maps, 3D graphs and maps).

Reference: Mittal, H. V., 2011, R Graph Cookbook, Packt Publishing, Birmingham, UK, 272 pages, Amazon Link Publisher’s Website R Graphs Cookbook Cover

As a scientist I often need to plot graphs of my data, so I am keen to learn more about how to do this in various languages. I tend to use R for most of my statistical analysis, so plotting graphs in R is something that I often need to do. I have a bit of knowledge about R already (mainly gained from the books that I have previous reviewed about R), and looked to this book to explain more about graphing in R. As stated in the title it is a ‘cookbook’ – a type of technical book that provides a number of ‘recipes’ for performing various tasks, and this is both one of the main advantages and main disadvantages of this book.”

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