Why Functional: One Reason


Why functional is better? So many reasons, one comes here: Programming languages are not made for computers, they are for humans to formulate generic solutions computers can solve faster in the details. The imperative style formulates the steps the computer has to follow, the functional style formulates the generic solution as such. Imperative style wants you to act like a machine, functional style allows you to think like a human.


Contrasting Performance : Languages, styles and VMs – Java, Scala, Python, Erlang, Clojure, Ruby, Groovy, Javascript


Some observation from the main article (read the article for more info):

  • Java and Scala performance is pretty close.
  • One would’ve imagined OO code to be generally the fastest due to minimal mutations or memory allocations. Yet that remains true only for the statically typed languages (and one notable exception PyPy). For all others, the list reduction approach is faster.
  • jRuby consistently shows superior performance to Ruby 1.9.1. Coupled with further expected improvements arising out of invokedynamic in JDK 7, this is one runtime to watch. Though as the metrics show, it still has some ways to go to catch up.
  • Its surprising to see clojure roughly similar to jRuby in performance.