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2012/10/17 Noah Slater

Hey peeps,

Want to contribute, but don’t know where to start, or don’t know Erlang?

I’m pleased to announce that we have a new list for learning Erlang and CouchDB.

The idea here is to provide a friendly, like-minded environment for people who are interested in hacking on Couch to learn some Erlang.

Ask questions, get feedback, learn the codebase, and generally chitchat with other CouchDB folk who are also learning Erlang. (As well as our core hackers who will be around to help you if you get stuck or need guidance!)

Subscribe by sending an email to:

(The mail archives will be up in a few hours.)


— NS

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Nov 25, 2011

couchdb couchapp + opensuse12.1

for the couch itself I used this repo

  zypper ar\

for erlang that

    zypper ar\

The couchapp installation works as told in the README on a fresh installed opensuse 12.1:

 Couchapp requires Python 2.5x or sup. To install couchapp using
  easy_install you must make sure you have a recent version of distribute

$ curl -O
$ sudo python
$ easy_install pip

  To install or upgrade to the latest released version of couchapp::

$ pip install couchapp

4 minutes, That’s all, That’s it!

THX 4 all the work 2 the relaxers, couchappers and repomen

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Why Functional: One Reason


Why functional is better? So many reasons, one comes here: Programming languages are not made for computers, they are for humans to formulate generic solutions computers can solve faster in the details. The imperative style formulates the steps the computer has to follow, the functional style formulates the generic solution as such. Imperative style wants you to act like a machine, functional style allows you to think like a human.


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Jiffy vs mochijson2 vs erlang-amf vs eamf


Made simple performance test and got following times for Jiffy, Mochijson2, erlang-amf, eamf (in such order, normalized by Jiffy):

  • Encoding: 1.0, 0.77, 4.12, 4.54
  • Decoding: 1.0, 2.86, 2.68, 5.57